JOIN Fifth Sin!
We are still recruiting certain classes/specs to ensure we can fill raids effectively. If you would like to join a stable, progressive raiding guild then please APPLY HERE!

We are currently recruiting:

Image Death Knight
Image Blood - Low
Image Frost - Low
Image Unholy - Low
Image Demon Hunter
Image Havoc - Low
Image Vengeance - Low
Image Druid
Image Balance - Medium
Image Feral - Low
Image Guardian - Low
Image Restoration -Low
Image Hunter
Image Beast Mastery - Low
Image Marksmanship - Low
Image Survival - Low
Image Mage
Image Arcane - Low
Image Fire - Low
Image Frost - Low
Image Monk
Image Brewmaster - Low
Image Mistweaver - Low
Image Windwalker - Low
Image Paladin
Image Holy - Low
Image Protection - Low
Image Retribution - Low
Image Priest
Image Discipline - Low
Image Holy - Low
Image Shadow - Medium
Image Rogue
Image Assassination - Low
Image Outlaw - Low
Image Subtlety - Low
Image Shaman
Image Elemental - Low
Image Enhancement - Low
Image Restoration - Low
Image Warlock
Image Affliction - High
Image Demonology - High
Image Destruction - High
Image Warrior
Image Arms - Low
Image Fury - Low
Image Protection - Low

- Updated: 13/07/2020 by Alyssia -

We will always consider good applications to see if we can fit you in somewhere!

High = We are currently lacking this spec so there is a high chance of being accepted.
Medium = We could do with having more of this spec. May also be shared with spec's of different classes that perform the same role.
Low = We are not really looking for more players of this spec so will only really accept outstanding applications, or in the case of group applications.