Mother Mythic down

Monday 1st of October we killed Mother on mythic difficulty in Uldir. We had previously had a few attempts to have a look at the boss in our last progress raid after we killed Taloc. After downing Mother we proceeded to progress on Zek'voz mythic, which should be our next goal. Well done everyone on the kill, and grats to all that got loot :)


Link to logs

Posted on: 02 Oct 2018, 19:14 by: Alyssia
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Uldir Progress

After steady improvement over quite a few really close attempts we succeeded in killing G'huun heroic on Monday evening. Congratulations on everyone who helped clear Uldir heroic. It was quite a challenging final boss so it was satisfying to finally kill it.

We also took a few tries on Taloc mythic in the same raid and killed him I think on the 4th or 5th pull. Well done to everyone.

Posted on: 25 Sep 2018, 09:19 by: Peachblossom
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Bfa! xD

BfA is here and we are having far too much fun playing the game to have time to make proper news posts on the forum :P Overall things are looking good and we are all eagerly anticipating Uldir.

When it comes to recruitment we remain full, and will update our recruitment status if that changes.

Posted on: 28 Aug 2018, 08:43 by: Alyssia
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Legion progression raiding wrapped up - BfA planning commences!

With BfA launch date announced and summer on the horizon we have decided to take a nice long and well deserved break until BfA is out. I want to thank all our raiders for their efforts and for all the good times we've had, Legion and raiding in Legion has been a blast!

We will gradually start the planning for BfA, some parts of it are well underway already. We wish to be ready in good time so that when first raid in BfA goes live we get a solid start with a prepared and eager raiding team. With that in mind there will be various info/feedback posts on this forum for our members that we hope you will take the time to read/reply to. And for those that are not currently among our raiders but wish to be, we welcome you to signal your interest. Once we have a full overview of what we will be looking to add to our roster for BfA we will open recruitment and start to fill whatever gaps we may have.

Raiding has been good in Legion, if a bit exhausting at times (looking at you in particular ToS :P), and we feel we have done quite well for ourselves. We started the expansion without a clear goal in mind in terms of raiding, the first one we set was "lets do heroic raiding and take it from there". That didn't last long, as heroic raiding was cleared in a couple of weeks, so from there the goal became "see where we can get in Mythic". We got Cutting Edge Xavius (should have been called Cutting Edge Cenarius more like it :P) and did pretty well for ourselves in all the raids since (ToV 2/3M, NH 8/10M, ToS 7/9M and ABT 8/11M), getting down Star Augur in NH was imo particularly enjoyable.

To give some context to the changes in the guild going into Legion as opposed to the previous expansions we used to raid 4 days of progression raiding every week. However as the IRL situations of the vast majority of our raiders had gradually changed, in combination with the content drought at the end of WoD, the wish to carry on raiding as much as we had been doing just wasn't there anymore. So for Legion we decided to make drastic changes going from 4 nights to 2 nights per week. Because of this and the prolonged break towards the end of WoD we were far from certain where things stood going into Legion. Much like when we made the move from EU-Outland to Eu-Draenor back in MoP it became in part a reset in terms of raiding.

So with all that in mind, while Legion was in many ways another fresh start, going into BfA we will be in a different position. With an established and strong raiding team, granted one that will need fresh additions to complete the roster, we wish to clarify what it is we aim to do. Our aim will be to continue the direction we have set in Legion, to continue to improve and grow stronger as a raiding team and as a guild. In terms of progression we wish to do even better than we have done in Legion. Getting Cutting Edge consistently would be nice, and we aim to get to a point where doing so is within our reach if we chose to go for it without compromising on our raiding days/times and general raiding philosophy.

I put it this way because we never know how they will end up tuning the raids, nor what it will ultimately require to do all the bosses. A lot of the methods used by guilds that for example raid a lot more than we do, or require multiple raiding characters per player/do split runs or completely reshuffle their raiding roster from boss to boss, are not really things we may wish to do. We likely wish to take a step in the direction of more closely tailoring our roster to the needs of the raids where we can afford to do so, but we also intend to keep in mind that we are a 2 day raiding guild for a reason. First and foremost it is important to us that raiding is a fun activity where we achieve something together as a team. We want to raid with capable players that we can share a laugh with and have a good time with both during raids and in general. That being said we plan to set strict requirements of attendance, effort and performance of our raiders, something we have to a large degree done in Legion, but intend to adhere to even more closely in BfA. We have identified areas where we struggled, or where we think we might have gone in the wrong direction, and intend to take the lessons learned during Legion and apply this to how we operate in BfA. We will makes changes where needed, we will look for solid and like minded players to flesh out the roster where we might have gaps, and we will do our very best to make BfA an even more fun and rewarding expansion than Legon(fingers crossed Blizzard doesn't fuck it up xD)!

Hope to see you all, be it current, returning or new faces for BfA! And while we will be on a progression raiding break until then, we will still be around, we will still be doing various non-progression raiding as well as other stuff, so if you have any questions or just want to talk to us about something, feel free to contact any officer in-game and will will do our best to help you out.

Posted on: 26 Apr 2018, 12:14 by: Alyssia
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Veni Vidi Vici Varimathri! xD

We came prepared, we had a focused raid and killed Varimathras mythic with time to spare in our first raid on him, all in all 32 pulls including the kill, a lot of them very very short when we were learning early on. The kill itself was shall we say... spiritual... almost as if we were all linked together in an embrace xD

Well done all, and grats to those that got loot :)


phpBB [video]


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