Recruitment - Template

Apply to Fifth Sin here. Make sure to READ THE STICKIES/ANNOUNCEMENTS at the top before applying!

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Recruitment - Template

Postby Alyssia » 01 Aug 2006, 19:08

Applicants MUST use this template for their applications. Failing to fill the template out properly will have a negative impact on your application. Copy the text from this template and create a new topic for your app. All fields except the 'Optional' ones must be filled in and please avoid the use of different font colours! You may ofc add more than what is in this template if you got more info or something else you wish to add.

Personal Info
Real Name (Optional):

Character Info
In-Game Name:
Primary Talent Spec:
What made you choose these specs for raiding?:
What made you gear/gem/enchant like you have?:
Would you be willing to respec to the guilds needs?:
Link to current armory profile:
Link to relevant logs:

Guild and Raid Info
Previous Guilds:
How long were you in your previous guilds?
Why did you leave your previous guilds?:
Do you know anyone in the Fifth Sin?:
Raid Experience, elaborate!:
How do you prepare for raids and new encounters?:
Are you willing to wipe lots to learn a new encounter?:
Tell us a little about your playstyle, what you think you are good at, less good at, etc.:

Play Info
How long have you been playing WoW?:
How much do you play?:
Has your account been traded or passed on?:
Does anyone else have access to your account?:
Do you have any high level alts?:
Do you have a working microphone and Teamspeak 3 on your PC?:
Do you actualy use your mic during raids if called for?:
Can you attend our raid schedule? Wednesday and Monday (with optional days of Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday, one of which will be used when necessary) from 20:15(invites start) 20:30 (raid start) ->23:15):

How did you first come across Fifth Sin, and what led you to apply?:
Anything else you would like to add? (optional):

The Ultimate Question - Sell Yourself
Why do you want to join Fifth Sin, and why should we recruit you?:


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