Qarfen - Disc Priest - Raider Application [Withdrawn]

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Qarfen - Disc Priest - Raider Application [Withdrawn]

Postby Qarfen » 12 Dec 2019, 03:30

Personal Info
Real Name (Optional): Terry
Location: London, UK
Age: 27

Character Info
In-Game Name: Qarfen
Class: Priest
Primary Talent Spec: Discipline
Secondary(off)Specs: Shadow (I am not good at Shadow and prefer not to play it on progression)
What made you choose these specs for raiding?: I have been a healer for over 10 years! Discipline has been extremely strong for several tiers and I made the switch from Resto Druid in Antorus, to Disc for Argus progression, because of how strong it was.
What made you gear/gem/enchant like you have?: I follow the advice from Warcraft Priests, Focussed Will, and my own personal playstyle preferences. I like to play with a lot of haste.
Would you be willing to respec to the guilds needs?: As I mentioned, I am not particularly good at Shadow but am happy to play it occasionally on farm content if required. Holy I have almost no experience with but would be happy to try it.
Your Current Artifact neck lvl: 67
Link to current armory profile: ... nor/Qarfen
Link to relevant logs: ... Discipline ... metric=hps

Guild and Raid Info
Previous Guilds: Weekend Warriors, Team Cobra
How long were you in your previous guilds? WW I was in for approximately 6 months, Team Cobra since Feb 2018.
Why did you leave your previous guilds?: I left WW because of the toxic atmosphere and disagreements with the direction of the guild and the way the raid team was run - and to start my own guild, Team Cobra.
Do you know anyone in the Fifth Sin?: I know Firefunk from my time in Weekend Warriors.
Raid Experience, elaborate!: I have achieved Cutting Edge Argus, G'huun, and Jaina whilst GM and Raid Leader of Team Cobra. My current progress is 7/8M on my Priest, 6/8M on my Mage and 3/8M on my Monk.
How do you prepare for raids and new encounters?: For strategy and overview of a fight, my preference is Stankie Gaming on Youtube, I find his guides have the most amount of detail. For Disc specifically, I check logs for damage patterns so that I can plan my Evangelism around the highest damage spikes - and I try to find videos from a Disc POV to see when they're using CDs.
Are you willing to wipe lots to learn a new encounter?: Oh yes.
Tell us a little about your playstyle, what you think you are good at, less good at, etc.: I think my biggest weakness whilst Raid Leading has been focusing so much on checking what everyone else is doing, that I forget to do the basics properly myself. I am looking forward to getting back to being just "one of the guys" so that I can focus purely on being the best that I can be and contributing as much as possible to the raid in terms of my own performance.

Play Info
How long have you been playing WoW?: On and off since end of Vanilla / early-TBC.
How much do you play?: Currently I am seeking a new job, so all the time! Otherwise, a couple of hours a day.
Has your account been traded or passed on?: No
Does anyone else have access to your account?: No
Do you have any high level alts?: Yes - I have a fully raid ready Fire Mage and Brewmaster Monk as well as Level 120 Paladin, Hunter, Druid and DH. I am currently working on my DH and plan to go Vengeance with a Havoc offspec.
Mage - ... nor/jarfen
Monk - ... nor/karfen
Monk M+ -
Do you have a working microphone and Teamspeak 3 on your PC?: I have a working mic but not TS3 as we used Discord in my old guild, but I am happy to install TS3 if accepted.
Do you actualy use your mic during raids if called for?: Having been an officer or raid leader for 10 years, I can give you a confident yes on this one.
Can you attend our raid schedule? Wednesday and Monday (with optional days of Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday, one of which will be used when necessary) from 20:15(invites start) 20:30 (raid start) ->23:15): Yes, I can. These times are perfect for me.

How did you first come across Fifth Sin, and what led you to apply?: I was searching for a guild following the collapse of Team Cobra's raid team and I wanted to find something not necessarily "bleeding edge" but with enough progression to keep me satisfied. I always like to see what old friends are up to so I looked up Firefunk and found the guild from there. I applied because I really liked the "old school" vibe - from the wowprogress advert, to the retro forum and website, you guys seem like my kind of people.
Anything else you would like to add? (optional): Yes, I imagine that you may not be particularly impressed with my Disc logs so I'd like to explain them. Over the last couple of raid tiers, I have thrown myself into making Team Cobra a success. This has led to me rolling and rerolling, juggling characters depending on signups, until the point where I don't even know myself what my main is anymore! I have played Resto Druid, Disc Priest, Fire Mage, Shadow Priest and Brew Monk on progression fights in just two raid tiers. Without being able to focus on just one character, my usual high standards have slipped and are perhaps reflected in my logs, however I hope that Firefunk can vouch for me and I'd love the opportunity to show you what I can do when I am focusing purely on my own gameplay and not that of 19 other people.

The Ultimate Question - Sell Yourself
Why do you want to join Fifth Sin, and why should we recruit you?: I think I covered most of it above, but to summarise, I love the old school vibe of the guild and the leadership, the progress is steady and it seems like a nice place to have a new home after the collapse of my former guild. I do not like to guild hop and hope to remain here for as long as possible should I be accepted. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

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Re: Qarfen - Disc Priest - Raider Application

Postby Alyssia » 12 Dec 2019, 20:13

Thank you for your application, we will take a closer look and get back to you with any further questions or an answer once we have had a chance to talk it over some.
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Re: Qarfen - Disc Priest - Raider Application

Postby Leix » 17 Dec 2019, 17:11


Is there a time this week you would be free to come on TS to have a chat?

It would be good to discuss some things and also give all parties a chance to ask any questions the app may have missed.

Drop a message here i will keep an eye on the forums when at home.


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Re: Qarfen - Disc Priest - Raider Application

Postby Qarfen » 18 Dec 2019, 18:57

Hi Leix,

Please consider the application withdrawn, thank you for your consideration.

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