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Off-day Raids

Postby Alyssia » 22 Sep 2017, 13:42

We will generally do one or two off-day raids per week. We tend to use mainly Sunday, sometimes Thursday and on the very rare occasion Tuesday. Anyone in the guild, be it raiders on mains or alts or Friend Rank (even a friend that is not in the guild if you vouch for them), is welcome to come to these runs. If you want to come you have to abide by the rules we list below, which are in place to ensure a smooth and fun run for everyone involved:

You need to be geared and able to do the content we are going to do.

We tend to operate with general Ilvl ranges and what exactly these requirements are might vary from run to run. The point is it never hurts to ask if you may come, but we might turn you away or ask you to leave if it becomes a hindrance to do the run in a timely manner if we bring you. In reality we are fine with "carrying" a couple of people for a run where the content is easy and it doesn't require a lot of extra work, but if there are complicated tactics and a high chance of wiping because of one person we will have to take that into account. We may ask those "along for the ride" to step out if it becomes necessary.

Please make an effort to prepare for the content we are doing, if you want to be sure we will be comfortable taking you then check out the bosses ahead of time so you have an idea what will happen during the encounters. If you don't know what is going to happen, speak up and ask us before we pull, we don't mind running through the the very broad strokes of the tactics or clarifying something before we do the boss.

Come prepared.

Make sure you bring everything you need to bring to a raid: Flasks, food buffs (best available), respec-tomes, pick up any bonus roll seals etc. We don't want to have to spend time waiting for people to sort these things during raids.

We make use of the addon: for distributing loot, so please make sure to download and install this beforehand.

SIgn and show up on time

If you want to come for all the bosses, show up on time! We start the invites for our off-day runs at 20:15, and start the run itself at 20:30.

It is also hugely appreciated if you sign up on the calendar, accepted if you know you will come and tentative if you are unsure, this makes it a lot easier for us to plan what characters to bring and what we can aim to do.

You may come on later and join the raid if there is room and the setup allows it, in the case you could not make it on time, but try to make it if possible!


We do most if not all assignments and coordination over Teamspeak, so if you want to come, get on Teamspeak and pay attention to directions given there.

Feel free to participate in the conversations, and if you have important info to call out during fights please do! But don't clutter the channel and distract everyone else during boss fights please.

Details are in the guild info tab of the guild in-game.

Don't fuck around (not too much anyway :P ).

It may not be a main raid, it may not be mythic progression, but it is still a raid. The basic etiquette of raiding still applies:
  • Help with trash, don't make everyone else do all the work.
  • Move to next boss promptly.
  • Don't AFK. If you MUST, then ask the Raidleader first.
  • Don't ninja pull, the tanks pull under direction of the Raidleader.
  • Respect the countdown timer, hitting the boss before "zero" fucks things up for everyone else.
  • Follow the mechanics of the fight, if in doubt: ask!
  • In general don't be a douche, if you wipe us or mess up, own up to it and apologize. If you don't understand what happened it helps to bring it up and we will gladly help you figure out what went wrong.
  • Don't just come in for what YOU need, help to do the other bosses as well if you can, remember that it takes a team effort to make raids work and don't always be the one who brings the alt that needs "carrying" if you never come on your main to help others out as well.
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