Summer time!

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Summer time!

Postby Dune » 20 Jul 2017, 11:28

As August is closing in, my time to raid is slinking. first of it's my dads birthday and due to the size of our family and how close we are that's 2 evenings disturbed by chilling in the backyard.

But that's not the big deal breaker.
The fact that I'm a Moni on summer vacations means that more and more of my evening will either be spend in meetings about the camp or actually on location with my Colleagues and over 800 kids between the age of 8-12 (hence why we need so many evenings discussing allot of stuff).

I will still be on during day times when I'm home and when ever I don't have to go out and discus the camps (followed by beer... loads of it).
We rock at planning our meetings, and this is why I make this post, so I never know more then a few days ahead if I'll can be in a raid or not.

just a heads up ;)

Raxka.. out!

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