Raiding break until Shadowlands!

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Raiding break until Shadowlands!

Postby Alyssia » 01 Sep 2020, 19:06

With the new expansion on the horizon with pre-patch coming and BFA having already gone on for what feels like a very long time, we decided we would rather take a break for the remainder of the expansion and enter Shadowlands rested and ready to go. Thank you to all of our current members for a an excellent expansion (at least in terms of raiding xD ), and we look forwards to more fun raids and things to come in Shadowlands and beyond.

For those of you interested in maybe joining us for Shadowlands, feel free to make an app or if you want to talk some first or got some questions just contact any officer in-game, here on the forum or via Bnet. We always consider exceptional applications regardless of our current active recruitment status, so never hurts to try! :)
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