Hellfire Citadel Heroic cleared!

Archimonde heroic has finally been felled by Fifth Sin. Was about time we got this annoying fucker down!
On to mythics i guess?

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Posted on: 03 Aug 2015, 23:45 by: AshTrai
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Mythic Operator Thorgar killed

Operator Thorgar has been flattened by the Fifth Sin tonight. He can't say he didn't have it coming though...the git! That means we are now 7/10 Mythic :evil:


Posted on: 11 Jun 2015, 23:37 by: AshTrai
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Mythic Kromog killed (at last!)

Finally the fat fucker Kromog was bested by Fifth Sin tonight! It might have taken us a few weeks to get rid of him but we got there in the end :D. We are now 6/10 BRF Mythic :evil:


Posted on: 25 May 2015, 23:24 by: AshTrai
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Quick return to Highmaul: Ko'ragh down!

We decided to go back into Highmaul to finnish off Ko'ragh the other day, making us 6/7 mythic in Highmaul.


Posted on: 06 May 2015, 19:22 by: Alyssia
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Gruul ground to dust!

Mythic Gruul went down on our second raid night spent on him, which means Fifth Sin is now 5/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry!

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Posted on: 22 Apr 2015, 23:34 by: Alyssia
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